BP court session to address consolidation of oil spill lawsuits attended by Motley Rice attorneys

Motley Rice attorneys Ron Motley, Joe Rice, Jodi Flowers and Kevin Dean were in attendance at a 90-minute preliminary court session that allowed trial lawyers to address a special judicial panel regarding how to best bring to order the hundreds of civil lawsuits that have been brought against BP since the April 2010 oil spill.

The hearings, held in Boise, Idaho, examined whether the lawsuits can be consolidated into one case and, if so, where that case should be heard.

Dean weighed in on the court session, telling Agence France-Presse, "It's clear to me that this panel is clearly listening carefully to all the arguments, they are concerned about the complexity of the litigation and I expect that whatever judge they choose, it will be with a lot of thought."

It is estimated that 3 to 5.2 million barrels gushed into the gulf, and surveyors anticipate that the cases against BP may become among the nation's largest and most complex civil trials.

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