Conspiracy of Silence: Amended complaint alleges ReVille ordered to get counseling by Pinewood

An amended complaint was filed today as part of a civil lawsuit filed in December 2011 by an alleged sexual abuse victim of Charleston-area teacher and coach Louis "Skip" ReVille against Pinewood Preparatory School and its former headmaster Glyn Cowlishaw.

The amended complaint adds Pinewood guidance counselor Brendan Diffley as a defendant and alleges, among other charges, that Pinewood, Cowlishaw and Diffley were notified about alleged inappropriate behavior by ReVille but failed to notify the authorities as required by law and made a pointed effort to cover up that behavior.

According to the amended complaint, Cowlishaw and Diffley met with ReVille in March 2004 to discuss a parent's allegation that he had inappropriately touched multiple male students, during which time all three signed a memorandum stating that ReVille was not to spend any extracurricular time, individual time or time in his home with students without first obtaining parental and school permission. The amended complaint also alleges that the three held additional meetings regarding the amount of time ReVille spent with young boys and that ReVille was advised to seek counseling as a condition of his continued employment.

The complaint also alleges, however, that, neither Cowlishaw nor Diffley ever reported ReVille to Social Services or law enforcement but instead engaged "in a conspiracy of silence" to "protect the reputation of Defendant Pinewood."

Read more about the amended complaint in an article featured by The Post and Courier.

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