Qaddafi's Death Confirmed: Dictator's reign of terror comes to an end

For many years, Motley Rice has pursued Moammar Qaddafi in U.S. courtrooms on behalf of victims of his reign of tyranny. Two months ago, we grew hopeful that the Libyan uprising would lead to changes for the people and country he has brutally dictated for 42 years. After learning of Qaddafi's death, we feel even more assured that Libya and its citizens will be able to enter a new era of liberation, organization and democracy.

"Our thoughts are with the people of Libya who have, at long last, overthrown their terrorist dictator. We continue to remember the innocent civilians from across the globe who have suffered under Qaddafi's rule," said Motley Rice anti-terrorism lawyer Jodi Westbrook Flowers.

We remain hopeful that today's events will bring some measure of peace to those who suffered injuries and lost loved ones under Qaddafi's reign of international terror, including the victims of Provisional Irish Republican Army terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, those killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie and victims of the bombing of La Belle Discothèque. We are optimistic that the end of Qaddafi's reign in Libya will also reduce state-sponsored funding of terrorism worldwide, and we will continue to demand justice and accountability for all of his victims and their families.

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