Sofa Super Store attorneys demand release of city's fire investigation records

Motley Rice attorney Kevin Dean comments on Sofa Super Store lawyers who are demanding that the city of Charleston be reprimanded for failing to release documents resulting from the investigation into the June 2007 Sofa Super Store fire that killed nine Charleston, SC firefighters at its West Ashley showroom.

The documents in question were produced by a six-member team of fire experts hired by the city to investigate the deadly blaze and consist of approximately 47,000 pages of material that Sofa Super Store's lawyers claim may be vital to the civil lawsuits filed against the store and its owners by the fallen firefighters' families.

Dean, who represents some of the families who have filed lawsuits, said in response that "The plaintiffs can't even get their day to depose Herb Goldstein to have him answer for what he did and failed to do, yet his lawyers have all this time to run up large defense costs to produce a mound of city paper that is useless to this investigation."

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