Okay, let’s face it, drones are fun. That is why more than a million Americans are expected to receive or buy a drone this holiday season. They were not built in Santa’s workshop so it is important to remember that drones are not toys but aircraft.

E-cigs have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, and are often marketed as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes. However, in public health circles, scientists and physicians have already questioned the safety of e-cigarettes.

Jodi Westbrook Flowers

Whenever ruthless acts of terrorism occur like those that rocked the world last week in Paris and Beirut, as civilized persons, we mourn for those injured and murdered and for all those who lost loved ones.

Get ready – the busiest travel day of the year is coming and there are new FAA rules and recommendations which airlines are expected to implement (and it’s about time).

Owners are understandably demanding answers as to what is next and what their options are against VW for this massive fraud at the consumers’ expense.

It was more than 35 years ago that residential leaded paint was outlawed in the United States. Banning the paint, however, didn’t remove it from the walls of millions of homes and it didn’t stop U.S. companies from manufacturing leaded paint to be sold in other countries.

Here are three options for potential relief for those who may have to report their asbestos settlement(s) and are required to reimburse Medicare.

It's shocking how many dirty lies and acts of deception have been unearthed over the years, committed by some of the world's largest automakers, and Volkswagen's blatant admission is only the latest in what is starting to look like a veritable mountain of buried truths.

An FDA Advisory Committee met to discuss the risks and benefits of Bayer’s Essure® permanent birth control device. Afterward, a colleague who was present for the discussion relayed the heartbreaking stories shared by women with Essure implants, as well as the commentary and insights of the Panel.

by: Motley Rice

I’ve been a lawyer for long enough to have done a little bit of everything from representing state agencies to dealing with disastrous divorces and sending criminals to jail. I’ve found satisfaction and much joy in helping my clients, and among those that have touched my heart the most are the victims of asbestos exposure.