Learning About Litigation: Georgia public pension trustees have opportunity to hear Katz speak at upcoming annual conference

Many of Georgia's pension fund leaders will meet at the 3rd annual Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees Conference Sept. 18-20. This conference offers association members in-depth presentations on topics related to fiduciary responsibility and liability, current market trends and forecasts, board governance, investment acumen, plan administration and more.

Motley Rice member and securities and whistleblower attorney Rebecca Katz, a former senior counsel for the SEC's Enforcement Division, will speak to attendees about shareholder litigation, discussing what public pension plans need to know before getting involved in securities, derivative and takeover litigation. Many public pension funds have been approached recently to take active roles in litigation; however, trustees often do not fully understand the implications and subject of these cases. In this session, panelists will offer guidance on the most important developments in shareholder litigation and what actions can be taken to reach their desired outcomes.

Conferences such as these are excellent opportunities for trustees and administrators, from seasoned board members to newly elected trustees, to gain exposure to and learn more about topics that affect their funds. We believe it is essential for elected trustees and administrators, who are trusted to oversee retirement plans that harbor millions of dollars and affect the future and current retirement of thousands, to attend and be involved in as many learning opportunities as possible. As a result, when trustees are asked make major decisions on behalf of their fund or to partake in litigation, for example, they will be armed with the background knowledge to make sound decisions.