Another Reville Victim Files Civil Lawsuit Against Pinewood

Additional defendant named as new evidence of abusive behavior revealed

A second alleged sexual abuse victim of Charleston-area teacher and coach Louis "Skip" ReVille filed a civil lawsuit today against Pinewood Preparatory School, its former headmaster Glyn Cowlishaw and guidance counselor Brendan Diffley.

The victim, John Doe 2, alleges that Pinewood Prep, Cowlishaw and Diffley were notified that ReVille improperly touched him and other boy students while on school property but did not report it as required by law. At that time, Doe 2 was a middle school student. The suit also alleges that Pinewood Prep and Cowlishaw were grossly negligent in their hiring, retention and supervision of ReVille.

"Based on new evidence, we believe these mandatory reporters at Pinewood missed opportunities to stop this predator," said David Hoyle, a Motley Rice lawyer for Doe 2. "We want this lawsuit to serve as a reminder to all mandatory reporters - teachers, school counselors, and principals, among others - that they must follow the law and protect the children in their care."

The filing claims a civil conspiracy, alleging that the three defendants engaged in a conspiracy of silence by failing to notify law enforcement and by taking affirmative steps to keep others from notifying law enforcement.

"ReVille's survivors are now finding the courage and strength that is inherent in the truth. Their willingness to come forward and demand accountability from the educators we believe enabled his predatory behavior is inspiring other survivors to do the same. These boys no longer feel alone," said Laura Khare, one of the attorneys on Doe 2's legal team.    

In addition to his position at Pinewood Prep, ReVille held teaching, coaching and volunteer positions throughout the Charleston area, including at The Citadel, Coastal Christian Preparatory School, Bishop England High School, Moultrie Middle School, Rollings Middle School, Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department, Velocity Sports Performance and Eastbridge Presbyterian Church.

Doe 2 vs. Pinewood Preparatory School, Glyn Cowlishaw and Brendan Diffley, Case No. 12-CP-18-144 (Dorchester County Court of Common Pleas) seeks actual and consequential damages as well as punitive damages to halt and deter such conduct from taking place in the future.

Motley Rice represents ReVille sexual abuse survivors along with attorney William H. Nixon, Jr., of Charleston, S.C. Nixon, who focuses his practice in criminal law, is helping survivors work with law enforcement and navigate the criminal justice system. 

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