Civil Justice Foundation: Firm donation supports advocacy group

The Civil Justice Foundation (CJF) is a national charity focused on strengthening the relationship between trial lawyers and consumers. The 25-year-old organization fights to safeguard justice for Americans by seeking ways to make the civil justice system more accessible to individuals. One of the ways it accomplishes this goal is to provide grants to organizations that advocate for injury prevention and promote justice, corporate accountability and every American's right to trial. Throughout its history, the CJF has donated more than $1 million to 112 advocacy groups in the United States.

"We strive to bring justice to those harmed by companies that knowingly choose profits over people or risking safety in the name of corporate profits. The CJF shares our goals, so supporting them allows us to help even more individuals and families across the country. It is an honor to help them help others," said Motley Rice member Kevin Dean.

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