Time of Change: Kimpson discusses current corporate governance trends

Members of the National Association of Securities Professionals' (NASP) New York chapter will gather in upstate New York for the 16th Annual Trustee Education Conference  Oct. 17 -19. This year's meeting will focus on current issues in restructuring asset allocation as pension benefits and assumptions continue to evolve.

Motley Rice member and securities attorney Marlon Kimpson will participate in one of the meeting's roundtable discussions. Drawing on his experience as a lawyer and background as a former commercial banker, Kimpson will discuss recent trends in corporate governance along with the other panelists.

The conference aims to educate attendees on changes that will affect pension funds in the current economic climate and arm them with tactics that will help them to make secure, smart investments. Other issues that will be addressed at this year's event include reducing risk, diversifying portfolios and minimizing volatility. Conferences such as these are essential for securities professionals as they provide an opportunity to continue learning about how they can best work to protect fund assets and improve corporate culture and accountability.

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