15 Motley Rice attorneys selected as 2020 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers

Lawdragon 500 listed 15 Motley Rice attorneys in its 2020 legal guide 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers. According to Lawdragon, the guide showcases lawyers who focus on “representing plaintiffs in securities and other business litigation, antitrust, and whistleblower claims. … And while some of the business litigators occasionally play defense, the heart and soul of this list takes on the plight of plaintiffs who often can’t afford to go to court for the wrong they’ve been done. In many cases, these firms will shoulder the risk and take the cases on contingency.”

Named to the guide are:

About Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers

With regards to its methodology, Lawdragon states: "Our process for identifying firms and lawyers to recognize in our practice guides is inspired by our journalistic roots. We research the firms and lawyers who have achieved the highest level of recent success in their field of expertise, based on publicly reported matters, databases and firm reports. We track the firm and individuals’ contributions to those successes, and discuss with our vast network of sources the role and quality of the work achieved. While we do accept submissions from firms and ‘peers’, we have consciously created a recognition process that is not reliant on these infrastructures as they can torque accurate reports because of firm politics and can prolong old boys’ networks that often exclude diverse talent.

Depending on the nature of the practice focus, the guides can be quite firm-driven (as in Plaintiff Financial, which requires sophisticated armies of lawyers to take on complicated financial litigation) or more individual-driven (as in Plaintiff Consumer, in which smaller firms often band together to find justice for individuals harmed by pharmaceuticals, toxics or the like). For those firm-driven practices, we heavily vet the firm and its members, looking at the impact the firm has had on its practice area, in addition to the capabilities and contributions of its members. For more individual-driven practices, the same curation process and vetting is conducted but more so on the individual with the team often as a secondary focus.” Learn more.

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