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John A. Baden IV


John Baden represents clients harmed by asbestos exposure in individual and mass tort forums, as well as in complex asbestos bankruptcies, handling complete case management and settlement negotiations for individuals and families suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

Frederick C. Baker


A veteran litigator with strong roots in complex litigation, Fred Baker has worked on a broad range of environmental, medical costs recovery, consumer and products liability cases and holds numerous leadership roles within the firm.

Matthew D. Camm


Matthew Camm represents individuals, small businesses, and public pension funds and other institutional investors harmed by securities and consumer fraud, environmental disasters, toxic exposure, and dangerous or defective products.

Natalie Deyneka


Through her efforts to help workers and workers’ families suffering from asbestos-related diseases, Natalie Deyneka works to hold corporations accountable through the civil justice system while also advocating for health and safety improvements in the workplace.

Michael E. Elsner


Michael Elsner uses the U.S. civil justice system to seek social change and improved protection of Americans at home and abroad. He litigates complex civil matters on behalf of people and businesses victimized by commercial malfeasance, violations of human rights, inadequate security measures and state-sponsored terrorism, managing cross-border litigation and intricate investigations of infringement and abuse of human rights, multi-layered financial transactions and due diligence.

Nathan D. Finch


With a diverse background in complex civil litigation, Nate Finch brings more than twenty years of trial experience and strong negotiation skills to Motley Rice. He represents clients in various asbestos, toxic tort, commercial, securities fraud and other complex cases.

Fidelma L. Fitzpatrick


Fidelma Fitzpatrick represents people and communities in toxic tort and environmental matters, including property damage and personal injury claims. Her experience with complex civil litigation has led her to represent other victims of corporate malfeasance, including hundreds of women allegedly injured by medical devices such as Essure® and pelvic mesh/sling products.

Scott B. Hall

Senior Counsel

An advocate for people harmed by toxic exposure, chemical-related cancers and other occupational diseases and smoking-related illnesses, Scott Hall has spent more than 15 years working to hold accountable corporations that put profits before people.

Ashley J. Hornstein


Ashley Hornstein represents people and families suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases caused by occupational, environmental and household asbestos exposure, as well as victims of lead poisoning and other toxic environmental exposures.

T. David Hoyle


David Hoyle works to change corporate conduct through the civil justice system, representing victims of corporate wrongdoing and negligence in litigation ranging from catastrophic incidents to asbestos exposure and environmental contamination.

John D. Hurst


John Hurst works to hold corporations accountable for the harm they do to individuals and society, developing and executing case strategies in toxic tort, occupational disease, chemical flavoring, catastrophic injury, medical device and product liability cases.

Patricia J. Lawson


Patti Lawson seeks to protect the safety, health and rights of people suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases, and brings more than a decade of experience in West Virginia government to Motley Rice. Additionally, she strives to protect the rights of those suffering from catastrophic, permanent injuries due to negligence, and works on their behalf to pursue justice and just compensation.

James W. Ledlie


Recognized for his litigation skills and client advocacy, James Ledlie focuses his practice on occupational disease, worker safety, products liability, consumer fraud and complex litigation matters.

Temitope O. Leyimu


Tope Leyimu focuses her practice on people and families whose lives have been affected by catastrophic injuries or death as a result of corporate wrongdoing, occupational hazards and environmental negligence.

P. Graham Maiden


Graham Maiden represents victims and family members who have suffered due to negligence, dangerous products, and corporate misconduct in domestic and international cases ranging from product liability and vehicle defects to anti-terrorism and occupational disease.

Robert J. McConnell


Bob McConnell’s practice concentrates on lead pigment litigation, childhood lead poisoning cases, groundwater and soil contamination cases and other toxic environmental litigation. He represents victims seeking corporate accountability as a result of personal injury, property damage and economic loss as a result of negligent environmental practices.

Ronald L. Motley

Founding Member

Ron Motley (1944 – 2013) fought for greater justice, accountability and recourse, and has been widely recognized as one of America’s most accomplished and skilled trial lawyers. During a career that spanned more than four decades, his persuasiveness before a jury and ability to break new legal and evidentiary ground brought to justice two once-invincible giant industries whose malfeasance took the lives of millions of Americans—asbestos and tobacco.

John David O'Neill


John David O’Neill practices multidistrict litigation on behalf of clients affected by toxic exposure, defective medical devices, and vehicle defects and recalls. He also assists with qui tam whistleblower litigation. With a background in engineering, John brings a technical approach to case review and analysis.

Jonathan D. Orent


Jonathan Orent litigates for people alleging harm by defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs, including all aspects of discovery and expert development. He represents women suffering from painful side effects associated with pelvic mesh/sling products in thousands of filed cases against multiple corporations, as well as hernia patients harmed by mesh repairs.

Joseph F. Rice

Founding Member

Motley Rice co-founder Joe Rice is recognized as a skillful and innovative negotiator of complex litigation settlements, having served as the lead negotiator in some of the largest civil actions our courts have seen in the last 20 years.

Caroline W. Rion


Caroline Rion practices in the areas of products liability and occupational disease with a focus on asbestos-related diseases, helping clients tell their stories and seek the justice they deserve.

Kathryn A. Waites


Katie Waites represents victims and families harmed by hazardous consumer products, occupational and industrial accidents, premises injuries and other incidents involving negligence in products liability, personal injury and wrongful death cases.