NFL Settlement Uncapped: Motley Rice attorney Don Migliori discusses new proposed settlement with Bloomberg

Following the denial of a previously proposed, capped settlement to fund claims by retired NFL players suffering from head injuries, a revised settlement agreement was filed on June 25.

The NFL and Plaintiffs in the suit reached a tentative settlement agreement valued at $765 million in January 2014, but U.S. District Court Judge Anita Brody expressed concern that the amount seemed insufficient to compensate an estimated 18,000 players over the fund’s expected 65-year term.

The new proposed settlement includes additional funding for medical tests and safety education programs for players. Eligibility for players and retired players remains the same, with compensation varying depending on the claimant’s injuries, age and time in the league.

“A settlement that allows claims to be fully assessed and valued is a great deal for all players,” said Motley Rice attorney Don Migliori in an interview with Bloomberg.

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